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We know about the late nights, fast food, dirty cars, sun or wind burns, and the loving cheers sprinkled all along the way. Why? Because we've been there too! We're here to provide you with updates and information on high school and youth sports in America.

Recent Games

Summit Christian Academy Cedar Park, TX63
Jenks Christian Jenks, OK17
Cando Cando, ND62
Cando Cando, ND49
Flaxville/Peerless Flaxville, MT33
Montessori Academy Brentwood, TN69
Zion Christian Academy Columbia, TN54

Most Wins by School

Most High Schools by State

Texas 1975
California 1654
New York 1221
Illinois 1015
Pennsylvania 998
Florida 966
Ohio 930
Michigan 897
North Carolina 785
Missouri 727
Georgia 667
Wisconsin 630

Most High Schools by City

Most Popular High School Mascots