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American Youth Sports (AmYoSport) is a ever-growing, unbiased resource of information about youth sports.

Whether your child is trying out for the AAU basketball team, excited about the first practice for the teeball team, nervous about high school soccer tryouts, or involved in many other sports, we're here to help!

Our first phase includes a park directory. You can search for more than a dozen sports to find the facilities you need to keep enjoying your children's sporting events.

About AmYoSport

This website was built for sports parents by sports parents. As our family follows our oldest son through high school sports, we get to dive back in with our youngest boy back on the teeball field! At AmYoSport, our goal is to provide you with direction to put your children on the right track in youth sports.

We'll share our family's experiences in hopes that you and your children can benefit and enjoy boys and girls athletics in the best way possible. We love watching our children play sports, and we know you do too!