21 high school baseball players to watch in the Eastern Kansas League conference this season. This league is full of young dawgs and defending champions. These players had strong 2022 seasons and look to return for more.

Victor Christal - Bishop Miege - 2024:  As a sophomore, Christal led the EKL in BA at .517. He added 13 extra base hits, and also struck out 24 batters in less than 14 innings pitched.

Bo Shinkle - Blue Valley Southwest - 2023:  Shinkle led the league in hits for the 5A state champs, batting .395 with 14 extra base hits.

Henry Barney - St. James Academy - 2023:  With 7 triples and a .390 batting average, Barney looks to a strong senior season. He also posted a 3.33 ERA with a 27-16 K-BB ratio.

Ashton Larson - St. Thomas Aquinas - 2023:  With 33 hits, Larson led the EKL while batting .363. His 13 extra base hits included 2 HRs.

Cru Huenfeld - St. Thomas Aquinas - 2025:  As a freshman, Cru led the league in doubles with 11 and batted .425. He will be a force for years to come.

Jeremy Comer - St. James Academy - 2023:  Comers BA and ERA both checked in at 4.69. The former stands out with 11 XBH, but the latter includes a 34-8 K-BB ratio.

Jack Baird - Bishop Miege - 2024:  Baird is part of an outstanding young core at Miege. His .386 average included 9 extra base hits.

Rohan Putz - Bishop Miege - 2023:  Batting leadoff last year, Putz will now lead the Stags as a senior after batting .364 with 7 doubles.

Mason Pangborn - Blue Valley Southwest - 2024:  Pangborn started shortstop for the defending champs as a sophomore, batting .373.

Bryce Ungashick - St. James Academy - 2023:  Bryce piled up 23 hits with 9 of them going for extra bases while batting .359 in 2022.

Ernesto Lopez - Bishop Miege - 2025:  After starting at SS as a freshman, Lopez will be one to watch. He batted .359 with 7 XBHs in 2022.

Miller Murray - St. James Academy - 2023:  He batted .350 last year with 9 XBHs while driving in 22 runs for St. James.

Carson Wasinger - Blue Valley North - 2024:  During his junior year, Carson hit .343 with 8 XBHs.

Zach Darche - Blue Valley West - 2023:  Darche hit 10 doubles for the 6A champs last year while batting .333 with 28 hits.

TJ Coats - Blue Valley Southwest - 2023:  Coats should see more time on the mound, but his bat is already there after hitting .329 with 7 XBHs in 2022.

Jack Kreisman - Blue Valley Northwest - 2023:  Huskies Kreisman struck out 61 batters last year with a 2.44 ERA. His .315 BA helped the offense as well.

Easton Wasinger - Blue Valley Northwest - 2023:  Northwest has some strong 2-way seniors headed into 2023. Wasingers 3.03 ERA and .311 BA is one of them.

Seth Dandridge - Blue Valley Southwest - 2023:  After belting 15 XBHs last year, Dandridge looks to help defend SWs title.

Blake OBrien - St. Thomas Aquinas - 2024:  OBrien batted .313 with 8 XBHs as a sophomore, while posting a 2.78 ERA from the mound with 33 Ks in 27.2 innings.

Austin Young - Blue Valley West - 2023:  He showed out with a 2.42 ERA in 52 innings with a 58-22 K-BB ratio in 2022.

Griffin Allen - Blue Valley North - 2024:  After 42.2 innings last year, Allen finished with 42 strikeouts and a 2.13 ERA.

Batting Average
Christal, VMiege.517
Comer, JSJA.469
Cahalan, CMiege.453
Lovich, JBVW7
Larson, ASTA2
Barney, HSJA7
Christal, VMiege4
Lemke, MBVNW4
Huenfeld, CSTA11
Darche, ZBVW10
Comer, JSJA10
Lemke, MBVNW33
Shinkle, BBVSW32
Lovich, JBVW32
Runs Batted In
Larson, ASTA33
Huenfeld, CSTA32
Lovich, JBVW32
Runs Scored
OBrien, BSTA32
Shinkle, BBVSW29
Lovich, JBVW28
Earned Run Average
Christensen, CBVSW0.15
Bybee, BBVSW1.11
Garrett, BBVN1.56
Kreisman, JBVNW67
Bybee, BBVSW67
Christensen, CBVSW62
Innings Pitched
Young, ABVW52.0
Blachowicz, GSJA42.1
Andrews, JSTA40.2