There’s Not Enough Time During Practice

Every coach has probably uttered this phrase at some point.  There’s never enough time at practice.  As a coach, I fully believe this to be a true statement, without any qualifiers needed.

Parents should realize that the time during practice is used to learn new skills and work on specific areas that the coach thinks need improvement.  There is never enough time for ample repetitions.  Kids should also be playing at home.

This doesn’t mean you need to be a coach outside of the team, this just means your child should go outside and play some ball.  You might have to spend a little bit of your time playing catch, but these are memories that stay with your child.  Ideally, a neighbor or sibling will be available to play ball, because they can match the energy and provide thousands of repetitions that your growing baseball player needs.  Don’t use this as an excuse to never play catch, just use it to spare yourself from injury.  None of us regular adults can keep up with a child’s pace.  I’m not talking to you 5am-workout-mom.

It is claimed that 10,000 hours are needed to master a skill.  Hitting a baseball is hard.  How many hours are there during practice in a season?  Divide that by the number of kids trying to hit, and it’s likely under 50 hours a year.

The kids that progress quicker are going to be the kids that get outside for some baseball outside of practice.

Give little Billy the opportunity to play as much baseball as he wants on his own.  Just be careful that you’re not the one pushing it.  If he makes baseball his thing, and is not playing to impress mom and dad, he’s going to find success much easier.

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