Children Should Be Responsible For Their Own Equipment

Practice is over.  Kids are running to their parents, fooling around with friends, and anticipating the next activity.  Baseball bags still sit on the side of the field as parents wander over to gather all of their children’s equipment.

What these good-intentioned parents don’t realize is that they’re subjecting Billy to All Star Syndrome.

Billy is too good to pick up his own equipment, and he knows it.  He’s the star, and his parents are just the supporting cast.  Billy’s headed down the wrong path.

Kids need to learn to be responsible for their equipment.  Bats costs a fortune, bags and glove aren’t cheap either.  The whole set together most likely cost the parents over $100.  Little Billy doesn’t care, it’s not his problem.

It should be.

Kids need to be taught to pick up after themselves.  This not only includes their own equipment, but also trash left over from the baseball field.  For one, the coaches are almost always there voluntarily.  They shouldn’t have to add janitor to their long list of duties.  For another, this just helps us raise our children to have respect and manners.

A child that thinks he’s too good to carry his own equipment is likely a child that someday will feel like he’s too good to practice.  Kids need confidence boosts, but they also need to be humbled.  They need to know that hard work goes hand-in-hand with success, and something as little as carrying their own equipment should not be overlooked.

If your baseball player has aspirations to play at a higher level, they should know that coaches prefer the hard-workers over the lazy hot-shots.  They’ll take a kid who’s a tad less talented, but is a good teammate rather than the one-man show who doesn’t have to carry the load.

Start them off right.  Have them carry their own stuff.  And if they have an extra hand, have them offer to help out the coach.

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