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Mother’s Day Baseball Tournaments – Great idea?

As I’m strolling through the internet, discovering youth baseball tournaments, I’m finding so many tournaments with the phrase ‘Mother’s Day’ in the title.

Most of the tournaments offer 3 games guaranteed!  Discount on multiple tournaments!  Free Wood Bat for every team!  Blowout!  Shootout!  Slam!  Mayhem!  Mania!  Madness!

Which mom’s are supposed to allow their children and husbands to drag them out to the ballpark for another one of these baseball tournaments?  They’re all the same, shouldn’t mom get a weekend off?  Oh, baseball mom, reason #798 that we love you: You’ll put up with baseball on holidays and birthdays.

Since a lot of teams are going to be playing baseball anyway on the day that we’re supposed to celebrate the most important women in our lives, why not have it be a special tournament catered to moms?

They’re sitting out in the heat, cheering loudly game after game.  Other moms are getting pampered, but baseball mom is praying for clouds and a breeze while she watches little Johnny bat for the 9th time that Sunday.

Maybe baseball complexes think that they need to make the giveaways baseball or man-related to draw in the teams.  I’ll bet they’re wrong at least on this one day.

Imagine this Mother’s Day Special, 3 Game Guarantee:  Roaming masseuses giving 3 minute shoulder massages to every mom in sight.  Pedicure and Manicure stations on the fence in the outfield.  Free flower for every mom on her way out of the complex.  Concession stand delivery golf-carts, bringing the food to the moms so that they don’t have to take little brother or sister to get a treat every 20 minutes.  Courtesy shade umbrellas all around the ballpark.  Mother’s home run derby.  Ok, maybe not that one, but for some of the competitive ones, look out!

The costs of these things could be included in an up-charge for the tournament, or additional costs paid for by the dad’s on the team.  I’d be you’d be surprised the amount of teams that would sign up for such a tournament.

The head coach might avoid a trip to the dog house if he picked this tournament to play in.

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