Home Run Relays – Baseball Drills

Home Run Relays is a fun drill to end practice with.

Equipment Needed:

  • Four bases or cones or anything else to mark the field.

This drill helps with:

  • Conditioning
  • Competition
  • Base Running
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Teamwork
  • Enjoyment

Setting up the drill:

  • Divide your team into 2 teams of equal number.  Make the two teams have similar running abilities for a better competition.
  • If there are unequal numbers, a coach or sibling can fill in, or one of the kids on the team with fewer players can run twice.  It’s best to run him first and last.
  • Send one team to second base and one team to home plate.
  • Players should form a line outside of the field, a few feet off of the base.
  • The first player in line should have a baseball and be on the base ready to run.

Implementing the drill:

The coach stands in the middle of the diamond and announces the start.  Ready, set, go is sufficient, or find your own way to start it.  The first player in line starts by running toward the next base in the same direction they’d go on a hit.  The player at home heads to first base, and the player at second heads to third base.  The runners run all the way around the four bases back to their original starting point.  The second player in line must stay off the base until the other team passes and can get ready once his teammate is coming toward the starting base.  The first runner then hands the ball off to the second runner who now takes off around the bases on his own.

The rest of the players follow the same order until all of the players have run the bases.  Whichever team gets all of their players around the bases in the relay race first, wins the competition.

Dropped balls are penalties on their own as the players suffer a loss of time when retrieving the ball.  If you want to add other penalties that is fine.  You’ll also want to figure out if you’re going to allow throwing the baseball or if you want them to hand it off each time.  Players will catch on if it’s not clarified and will start attempting to throw the ball early to the next player to gain an advantage.

The boys on my team all seem to love it and usually want to do it a few times.  It sends them home after even the least-enjoyable practices with a smile and wanting to come back next time.

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