Double Play Weave – Baseball Drills

The Double Play Weave is a fun, active drill that will have your players working up a sweat and improving their hand and glove skills.  It’s a nice drill for early warm-ups.

Equipment Needed:

  • One Base
  • Bucket of Balls
  • Empty Bucket
  • Baseball Gloves

This drill helps with:

  • Double Play
  • Ball Handling
  • Teamwork
  • Grounders
  • Flips and Tosses
  • Quick Feet
  • Conditioning

Setting up the drill:

  • Put half of the players at Shortstop and half of the players at 2nd Base
  • Place the bucket of balls near the back of the pitcher’s mound area with one coach by it.
  • Have another coach behind 2nd Base, out of the way of the players
  • Have the line back up, giving the first player in line a few feet to operate

Implementing the drill:


The coach begins the drill by rolling a ball at either the shortstop or 2nd baseman.  The opposite player breaks for second base to receive a flip or toss to start a double play.  After the player catching the ball makes the play, he runs behind the play, dropping the ball in the empty bucket and continues to the opposite side from which he started.  The player that fielded the ground ball should follow his throw and continue behind second base to get to the opposite line from which he started.

Once the players are cleared, the coach then rolls another grounder.  As coach, you can decide if you’re only going to roll it to one position for the drill or if you’re going to switch it around.  Make sure players get equal repetitions at each position and for each action, fielding and throwing.  The next group then repeats the process, fielding the grounder and flipping to second base for the out.  The drill should continue until players have had at least a few opportunities on each side.  The fewer players you have in the drill, the more worn out the players will get, so keep this in mind and take short breaks when needed.

Once the players have the flip and toss down, you can add a first basemen to the mix and have the receiver finish the double play with a hard throw to first.

This drill can help the players get loose early in the practice.  It keeps them active and should be an enjoyable drill that helps them endure some of the more tedious drills that are necessary at other times.

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